AFE Offers

Curation: A lot of information has already been collated to understand the processes in dealing with frauds at the organisation level and many cost effective options are being worked out. Data Analytics is radically restructuring the whole gamut of fraud risk management.

Research: AFE is constantly engaged in conducting research to identify andnexplain trends, benchmark existing practices, and identify gaps. The AFE Research team will be focussed on arriving at practicable solutions and design an implementable action plan to bring about systemic changes.

Training: AFE will offer formal training on topics related to different aspects of fraud prevention, detection and investigation which would be an ongoing process including webinars and the annual conference.

Mentoring: AFE is in the process of finalising a mentoring program that connects experienced practitioners with new entrants to the industry. This may be a formal mentoring program with specific time commitments, or something less defined and more organic.

Develop Certifications: AFE shall strive hard to develop and issue certifications that would reflect an individual’s understanding of the industry-specific requirements and the accepted strategies, processes, and practices to meet their organizations’ business needs.